Tree Tips to Finding the Right Medical Translations Company

Tree Tips to Finding the Right Medical Translations Company

Are you looking for a reliable company that can produce accurate medical translations? Medical professionals around the world are scrambling to keep up with globalization. The demands of an ever-increasing linguistic public can put a lot of strain on

medical professionals.

This dilemma is very similar to that which most industries face in this modern-day and age. However,the medical field is somewhat different from most other industries. This is because of its highly specialized vocabulary and the fact that a minor error in translations could have dire consequences in a patient’s health. In extreme cases,a misinterpreted word or phrase could even lead to the death of a patient!
Being bilingual in no way means that a person is capable or qualified to be a translator or interpreter. Even qualified and experienced translators and interpreters without specialized knowledge may not be qualified to do certain tasks.
Therefore,it is no wonder that medical professionals should take finding a reliable company to partner with very seriously. Below we provide three tips that will allow you to do just that!

Tip 1: Closely Examine Medical Expertise

Ensure that the company you are looking at uses only qualified and expert linguists with specific knowledge in the area they will be working in. Technical,legal,and creative linguists may be experts in their fields,but remember that medical terminology and words,i.e.,diseases and physical conditions,have very precise meanings.
A wrong translation can cause an incorrect diagnosis,causing patient safety risks or,in extreme cases,even death. Sometimes the differences are so minute that only those familiar with the subject material would pick up on discrepancies.
Remember also that pharmaceutical translations may differ greatly from life sciences or general medical material. Try to find a company that differentiates these areas while choosing their linguists.

Tip 2: Make Sure They Offer Terminology Management (TM)

Another important feature that a reliable translation company will offer is terminology management,abbreviated as TM. This feature uses specialized and adaptable glossaries that will ensure that the translated documents use similar terminology. There are medical features and abbreviations that differ from institution to institution. Therefore,you would want a company that can keep your specific terminology uniform.

Tip 3: Check Turnaround Times & Capability to Expedite

The next thing to consider is turnaround times. How quickly will you need the documents translated? Monthly newsletters for internal use may not be urgent. However,there are usually very urgent situations that arise in the medical field that require immediate turnaround.
A single professional translator can usually translate around 2,000 words a day while keeping high-quality results. If you have a much higher volume,it is important to ensure that the company you are looking at has many qualified translators that can ensure a quick turnaround. Make sure they also guarantee expedited service when required.
In Conclusion
There are many translation companies out there to choose from. However,not all of them are worthy of your trust or your business. This is more evident than ever in the medical field.
If you follow the three tips in this article,you will be assured to find a reliable and accurate company to partner with for your medical translation needs.

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